November 26, 2008

So my copies of the Unwelcome Guest – Painter 7″ came and went before I even had time to post on this thing. I’m getting 20 more copies soon, but don’t expect those to last long either. You can still pick up a copy from No Idea, Art of the Undergound, Feral Kid, or the band. Or you can just wait until I have some more and hope to snag one.

I’m sending the Get Bent – Demo 7″ to press today and I’m stoked! I found out about this band a little less than a year ago when my friend Mike sent me an e-mail about his new band. I listened to the one song they had posted on their MySpace page and e-mailed him before the song was even over about the possibility of doing a record for them. Get Bent play melodic and emotive punk rock that gets compared to bands like Latterman and Samiam, but I’m gonna go out of a limb and say it’s better. If you wanna play the ex-members game, the people in this band have or are in Potboiler, Down in the Dumps, Red & Blue, and Jonesin. Here’s to hoping that this will be out by Get Bent’s winter tour which comes nowhere near New Mexico.

I’m still slowly…very slowly…getting the Dirt Cult Mix Tape Vol II together. Compilations take a lot of work, but I think tape compilations take more. I’m thinking this might be the last installment to tell you the truth. But this WILL happen, and I hope it will happen soon.

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  1. here is our review of the Unwelcome Guests 7 inch.

    UNWELCOME GUESTS “The Painter” (www.dirtcultrecords.wordpress.com)

    Unwelcome Guests offer a tale of two sounds on “The Painter”. The A-side includes two sparse tracks of pop-rock, particularly “Put Down Your Gun”. Feeling less than inspired by each of the opening two songs, I could only hope for better when the vinyl was flipped. “Everywhere We Go” and the title track are two heavier, more energized pieces that decimated the A-side. If the Replacements were less drunk and angrier, this would have been their sound. When vocalist Micah Winship utters how “tonight we’ll go walking through the battlefields of religion, morality, and common sense” (“Everywhere We Go”), he does not sound disingenuous, but truly focused on his sense of confusion. If Unwelcome Guests can focus on the style they create on the B-side, this could be a band to watch.-Rich Quinlan

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