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Dirt Cult Tape comp, 4-way split, and upcoming releases

June 26, 2008

The Dirt Cult Tape comp, which has been almost a year in the making, is finally out now. First press is 100 tapes and I’m already almost out so act fast. You can order them on our myspace page via paypal. The tape features unreleased songs by No People, Party Garbage, Sundowners, Cheney’s Dick, Closet Fairies, Hotdog!, Addie and Ben, The Answer Lies, Potential Johns, Band of Enchantment, and Sean Bond Goon; and previous released or soon to be released songs by Shang-A-Lang, A.N.S., Down in the Dumps, Cobra Noir, Punkin Pie, Buckeye, Sidewalk Cracks, PLF, Das Kapital, and Fuckthefacts. Cover are looks great. Sweet Pete from Let’s Pretend Records did it!

Also, the Dude Jams/Shang-A-Lang/Gordon Gano’s Army/Dan Padilla 4-way split 7″ is now available for preorder. We’re just sitting on the records waiting for the art to return from the printer. This is a split release with Fast Crowd Records nd it’s probably out best release to date.

Coming real soon:
God Equal Genocide – Life of Doubt 7″ (early July) split release with Razorcake
Jonesin’/Shang-A-Lang – split 7″ (late July) split release with Dead Broke
Unwelcome Guests – Painter 7″ (early August) split release with Art of the Underground

Think that’s it for now.