New Website!

June 1, 2009

We have a new website that launched last week at www.dirtcultrecords.com. Woohoo!



March 20, 2009

Wow, I haven’t updated this in a while and a lot has happened. First we do have some new releases OUT NOW! The Get Bent – Demo 7″ (a split release with Dead Broke Records) and the Dirt Cult Tape Comp Vol. II (which is amazing) are both available for order on our myspace page.

Also we’re sending out the Jonesin’/Dude Jams – split 7″ to the plant tomorrow. I’m really excited about this one…sounds rad. And we’re waiting for Turkish Techno to record more songs for the 7″ that turned into an LP. So those should be out in the coming months. Hoo-ray!




November 26, 2008

So my copies of the Unwelcome Guest – Painter 7″ came and went before I even had time to post on this thing. I’m getting 20 more copies soon, but don’t expect those to last long either. You can still pick up a copy from No Idea, Art of the Undergound, Feral Kid, or the band. Or you can just wait until I have some more and hope to snag one.

I’m sending the Get Bent – Demo 7″ to press today and I’m stoked! I found out about this band a little less than a year ago when my friend Mike sent me an e-mail about his new band. I listened to the one song they had posted on their MySpace page and e-mailed him before the song was even over about the possibility of doing a record for them. Get Bent play melodic and emotive punk rock that gets compared to bands like Latterman and Samiam, but I’m gonna go out of a limb and say it’s better. If you wanna play the ex-members game, the people in this band have or are in Potboiler, Down in the Dumps, Red & Blue, and Jonesin. Here’s to hoping that this will be out by Get Bent’s winter tour which comes nowhere near New Mexico.

I’m still slowly…very slowly…getting the Dirt Cult Mix Tape Vol II together. Compilations take a lot of work, but I think tape compilations take more. I’m thinking this might be the last installment to tell you the truth. But this WILL happen, and I hope it will happen soon.

Thanks for reading!


News 9/11/08

September 11, 2008

Still waiting on the Unwelcome Guests “Painter” records. I think those will be out in the next few weeks if we don’t run into any major pressing issues.

We’re down to our last few copies of the Jonesin’/Shang-A-Lang split 7″s. These have gone really fast. We’ll be repressing 300 on black vinyl, but if you want the first press on mixed vinyl you better act fast. You can order here.

I running low on the Shang-A-Lang – Summertime 7″s as well. This is the second press of 150 white vinyl with white covers. These will probably be gone by the time Shang-A-Lang returns from their tour with God Equals Genocide and Dude Jams out to Fest. I don’t think I’m gonna repress…at least not anytime in the near future because I’m gonna be putting my time, effort, and money into getting the next few scheduled releases out.

Speaking of new releases, we’ve promised to do several new records. You can check those out in the upcoming releases section of this website.


8/11/08 update

August 12, 2008

It’s been a busy few weeks. Shang-A-Lang returned from our tour with Jonesin’ with split seven inches in hand. Then a week later (today) the God Equals Genocide – Life of Doubt seven inches were waiting for me on my front porch after work. Go to our myspace page to buy them via paypal or send $5 each to:

Chris Mason
Dirt Cult Recs
713 Stagecoach Dr
Las Cruces, NM 88011

Unwelcome Guests – The Painter 7″ should be out soon then it’s time to get to work on some new exciting releases.



Dirt Cult Tape comp, 4-way split, and upcoming releases

June 26, 2008

The Dirt Cult Tape comp, which has been almost a year in the making, is finally out now. First press is 100 tapes and I’m already almost out so act fast. You can order them on our myspace page via paypal. The tape features unreleased songs by No People, Party Garbage, Sundowners, Cheney’s Dick, Closet Fairies, Hotdog!, Addie and Ben, The Answer Lies, Potential Johns, Band of Enchantment, and Sean Bond Goon; and previous released or soon to be released songs by Shang-A-Lang, A.N.S., Down in the Dumps, Cobra Noir, Punkin Pie, Buckeye, Sidewalk Cracks, PLF, Das Kapital, and Fuckthefacts. Cover are looks great. Sweet Pete from Let’s Pretend Records did it!

Also, the Dude Jams/Shang-A-Lang/Gordon Gano’s Army/Dan Padilla 4-way split 7″ is now available for preorder. We’re just sitting on the records waiting for the art to return from the printer. This is a split release with Fast Crowd Records nd it’s probably out best release to date.

Coming real soon:
God Equal Genocide – Life of Doubt 7″ (early July) split release with Razorcake
Jonesin’/Shang-A-Lang – split 7″ (late July) split release with Dead Broke
Unwelcome Guests – Painter 7″ (early August) split release with Art of the Underground

Think that’s it for now.



New news is good news

May 5, 2008

There’s a ton of shit to report to you. We’ve got several releases coming out in the next few months.

First, Grabass Charlestons dropped off the 4-way split seven inch, but Dude Jams is gonna be on it instead so I’m stoked! We should be sending it to the press soon. So now the release includes Dan Padilla, Shang-A-Lang, Dude Jams, and Gordon Gano’s Army.

We also just hooked up with Razorcake to put out God Equals Genocides’ new 7 inch. This should be out soon too!

We’re still working on the tape comp. I’ve got the master. I’ve just got to order the tapes and push record about a million times.

We’re also getting things together for a Down in the Dumps/Shang-A-Lang split 7″ in honor of their East Coast tour together in July. That will be out before they hit the road.

I think that’s it for now. Thanks for reading!